6 Tips for Buyers to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

6 Tips for Buyers to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

1. Sell Your House First:

If you’re looking to buy a new house, make sure you sell your current one first. Contingency offers aren’t always a seller’s first choice; they’d rather go with a buyer who is willing, ready, and able. With contingency offers, sellers can view you as a risky deal and may have you pay full price instead of reducing it to fit your needs.

Then, if you bought a new house first, now you have to sell your house in a hurry! Hurrying in your selling may push you in taking an offer that is much less than you wanted just to make sure you get the house you want.

2. Get Pre-Approved:

Getting pre-approved to buy a house is a great way to strengthen up any offer. While getting “pre-qualified” is nice, it doesn’t mean that it is set in stone that you will be approved for the loan amount. You need to get all your information verified before you put in an offer so that you can avoid any hiccups down the road.

3. Make a List:

When you think of yourself in a new house, you should have a mental checklist of what it will and won’t have. Don’t hesitate to write this list down! Use it as a guide when you’re house hunting. The houses that have more of what you want will be more at the top of your list when deciding to buy.

Always take into consideration that cosmetic things can be changed, but others, such as the locations and neighbors, can’t be. Buy the house for the foundation and location, not necessarily the stylized choices.

4. Window Shop:

If you’re exactly sure what you’re looking for or you don’t think there’s a house for you yet, go look around! Find an area you like as well as houses that fit your fancy. The list from number three would really come in handy with this process.

5. Beware of Ads:

Advertisements for houses are meant to benefit the seller, not the buyer. It’s very common for ads to purposefully cut out certain facts about the house that you would want to know. Your agent will always be your second set of eyes when it comes to a house. They will point out what may be wrong with the property and if it meets your needs.

6. Don’t Settle:

Don’t get forced into buying a house! Agents can be pushy and you may feel pressured into buying one that may not be up to your standards. Don’t choose a house unless you feel that it is the absolute best one. Stick to your list!

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