Benefits of Home Owning

Benefits of Home Owning

It is the Best Investment

Depending on the neighborhood and area, houses generally appreciate 5% a year. Some years it may be more, some years it may be less.

Let’s put it into numbers.

If you bought a 320,000 house with a mortgage and put $64,000 (20%) down, that would be an investment of $64,000. With a 5% appreciation rate, a house at 320,000 would increase in value $16,000. So you earned $16,000 plus your investment of $64,000. Your annual return on investment would be 25%.

Tax Break

When you buy your house the government is basically funding your purchase. Any of the interest and taxes, including property taxes, it can be deducted from your taxable income.

Housing Costs Stabilized

If you have ever rented a house or apartment, you know that your rent can increase each year. Fixed mortgages make it so that you pay the same amount for the next thirty years. Even if you get an adjustable mortgage, payments generally stay in the same range for the remainder of the loan.


Buying your house helps you gain savings in two ways. The first way is simply by making your monthly payment. With each payment you make, part of your payment goes towards your principle balance.

The second way is that your house appreciates. As stated above, 5% is the average appreciation for a house per year. Some years it may fluctuate, but overall it’ll be your greatest investment.


When it comes to renting a house or an apartment, you are generally very limited in what you can or can’t do to improve your home. You may not find yourself eager to spend thousands of dollars on improvements such as paint, carpet, and tile when it doesn’t belong to you personally. When you own your own house, you can do whatever you like and have the benefit of living in an environment that fits your needs, not a landlord’s.


Relating to the renting of a condo or apartment, you know that space is an issue. When you buy a home, you have much more room both inside and out. The rooms will typically be larger and you’ll have your own outdoor space to do as you please.

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