Home Sellers ~ Why Your Home Didn’t Sell the First Time

Home Sellers ~ Why Your Home Didn’t Sell the First Time

First of all, I want to say I’m truly sorry you had to go through that experience, but I want to at least give you some honest answers as to why that didn’t happen.

1. Marketing

The first reason is marketing. Maybe you had little to no marketing on your property. In today’s age, it’s a lot more than just putting it on the MLS and waiting for a buyer to come to you. You have to have someone like me who has a killer proven marketing strategy that’s gonna get your home exposed to the highest amount of buyers possible.

2. Your Agent

I don’t really like to talk about this, but it is a truth and I want you to hear it. Your home may not have sold due to your agent’s incapability to sell it. Maybe they didn’t have the skills, the tools, the resources, the communication to get the home sold. I don’t like to say that but it is a truth that we do see.

3. Price

Maybe you had to price your at a certain point for it to make financial sense in order to be able to sell it. If that’s the case, then that’s what it is. But maybe you had some misinformation and thought the home was worth more than it truly was and you could have adjusted and compensated for that to ultimately achieve your goal and sell your home.

In Conclusion

I deal with a lot of people–like yourself–that were on the market and didn’t sell and then ended up relisting with us. It’s funny because I ask them why the home didn’t sell and 60% of the time they say they don’t know. 40% say the price. In my situation specifically, from what I’ve seen it’s never been price. It’s 100% of the time been the marketing. In fact I have two listings that are in escrow right now; expired listings that we took, rebranded, repackaged and got them out there using our market strategies and approach and in under 30 days we had both of them in escrow for above list price. So if this is you—you were on the market before and your home still didn’t sell but you want it to sell however you’re reluctant because you don’t want have to go through that process of keeping the home clean, showing it, being available and all that, give me a call. Let me show you how I can help you accomplish your goals of getting your house on the market and sold for top dollar.

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