Home Sellers ~ What to Know about Types of Agents

Home Sellers ~ What to Know about Types of Agents

What is a discount agent?

  • Fewer services than full-service, but cheaper (sometimes by a large amount, typically 3.5-4% commission)
  • Usually very limited marketing, or marketing available at an additional cost (this can allow you to pick and choose what marketing you want on your house to save money)
  • Good for people who know the industry or are able to do the marketing themselves


What is a full-service agent?

  • An agent who works with a brokerage company and provides extensive marketing for your property (far more than just signage)
  • Charges full commission (5-6%) but covers all fees – no paying for anything extra


Who should you go with?

  • Everything is circumstancial, but more often than not choosing full-service is the best way to go. These agents are reliable, have proven track records, and can net you potentially thousands of dollars more in the sale of your home
  • Hiring a professional is important, and hiring someone who can really get you top dollar in a reasonable amount of time is essential
  • Next Level Realty is a full-service agency that provides aggressive marketing and strategic listings to net you the highest profit. Check our track record!
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