Things to consider before selling

Things to consider before selling

Often times when listing a home for sale, the seller asks what they can personally do to help sell. There are always four main suggestions I give them. The first and foremost is always to remove any clutter that may be present in the house. When rooms have many items and objects lying around, it often comes across as ‘thrown together’. The clutter distracts the prospective buyers from the room, or house as a whole, and can greatly sway their opinion.

The next two points go hand-in-hand with each other: walls and floors. These are part of the foundation of your house that makes a huge impact on your buyers. Possible buyers don’t want to see holes and mismatched paint nor do they want to see stained, ripped up carpet. The number one reason that these two things turn buyers away is because it seems like too much work. Think about it, for the most part they are already using all their savings to purchase your home; they don’t want to immediately splurge on fresh carpet and paint. So do yourself, and your buyers, a favor and slap on a fresh coat of paint and at least steam clean those carpets!

As for the next suggestion, let me set up an image for you. Imagine two identical houses for sale for the same price right next door to each other. Envision one with a beautiful front yard with lush green grass and colorful, thriving flowers. Now, visualize that the other has dried up brown grass and weeds sprouting up from a dry patch of dirt.

Which house would you choose?

The one with the flourishing front yard, right? That’s the same thought process as your potential buyers. They want the home to appear to be a welcoming, warm place and they don’t want to spend the money to fix it up to make it that way. So, I always recommend planting a few flowers and work on getting that grass green and healthy!

So, if you have any other questions, or if you are looking to sell in the future, please feel free to call us for a free, personal evaluation!

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